Risk Management

With increasing stakeholder scrutiny and obligations around transparency and governance, today’s demanding business environment requires risk consultants who understand the challenges you face and can deliver solutions to meet your complex needs.

The increasing stakeholder involvement and demands for social and economic transparency and justice on operations and governance necessitates sound risk management strategies to mitigate the effects from organisational risk profiles. Sinda Africa (Pty) Ltd works with organisations to understand their unique operations, helping them to attain the right balance between value protection and creation through risk management, transfer or mitigation.

Organizations today are facing multiple risk management challenges, including:

  • Operating with the COVID-19 reality
  • Integrating environmental, social and governance policies and practices into their businesses.
  • Ensuring the right amount of business interruption cover.
  • Ensuring the physical, mental and emotional well-being of employees.

We complement our deep understanding of specific client needs with a holistic analysis that adds value through a portfolio risk strategy; and remarkable innovation that automates risk quantification to deliver a financial approach to all clients.