Environmental Management Services

Over and above reporting on purely financial issues companies are compelled to also report on broader economic, social and environmental facets. According to ISO 14001:205 companies are required to keep records and data pertaining to environmental targets. Environmental conscious consumers are increasingly demanding companies for more ‘green’ products or services. We are a registered environmental consultancy that offers a complete suite of environmental professional services. Companies are required by law to comply with the provisions of National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998 in how they interact with the environment. Environmental Management Offering.

We offer the following environmental services:

I. Feasibility Studies – Environmental Impact Assessments

We consider both human and environmental factors in establishing remedial action objectives. Our environmental feasibility studies gather information and analysis to design and evaluate potential remediation alternatives for all development sites. We assist our clients with all preliminary studies in how construction/ infrastructure projects avoid or minimize or mitigate effects on the environment and surrounding areas. Our service rendition spans from stakeholder requirements, development, compliant construction plans, ensuring the minimization of adverse effects on the environment during construction and so on.

II. Environmental management monitoring, plans & systems

We assist companies in monitoring the effectiveness of mitigation measures and to generate necessary reports to authorities. We conduct in-depth environmental management audits that study the impact of any development during and after construction phase.

III. Waste management

The National Environmental Management Waste Act, no 59 governs the manner in which waste management is regulated in South Africa. The disposal methods are in consideration of the health of the surrounding community as well as the environment in general. We assist companies to ensure that waste management policies, procedures and legislation are implemented and enforced in compliance with applicable Waste Management legal framework. We develop and implement processes and systems for efficient waste management. We also lead the development of waste policies and strategies in government, industry and civil society.


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