Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

In South Africa, the enjoyment of health and safety in any work environment is considered a basic human right and is regulated through the Occupational Health & Safety Act 85 of 1993. Because workplace injuries can destroy one’s quality of life, social activities, job performance and career prospects, it is therefore important that employees carry out their responsibilities in a safe and secure environment, free from hazards, regardless of the nature of work. Some employers battle with assuming the responsibility of ensuring the safety and welfare of its employees in the workplace. This is in spite of the fact that workplace injuries are not just costly but also have a potential of damaging company’s image. For small businesses, the cost of one injury on duty can be a financial disaster as this cost has been as high as two to three hundred percent of a company gross income.

We help companies develop and adopt a successful health and safety programs which in collaboration with strong management commitment and worker participation leads to the creation and sustainability of a safe workplace environment. We service companies of all sizes across all sectors with a special emphasis on existing buildings, construction sites, mining operations, manufacturing and commercial industries. We manage all occupational risks of property developers, builders, contractors, factories, farms and corporates. We do not only assist with the identification and control of hazards that increase the likelihood of injuries, in providing such services, we also educate and upskill workers so as to minimize incidents and accidents in the workplace. Our work is client-specific as we advocate for the development and implementation of site-specific Occupational Health and Safety plans.

I. Development of Safety Plans, Files, Specifications and Systems

“Occupational Health and Safety is not just a file, it is vital to the dignity of work.” We assist companies with the development, implementation and maintenance of Health and Safety protocols. We assist to make sure that our clients/contractors achieve legal compliance through on-going support and monitoring. Employees can enjoy the benefit of knowing they are in a healthy and safe working environment and that they are with a responsible employer.

II. Conducting Safety Audits

“No employer is immune to prosecution”. Everyday workers are faced with a multitude of health hazards such as dust, noise, extreme temperatures, gases, chemical fumes, heights, vibrations and so on. Employers are charged with the responsibility of managing these risks to an absolute minimum to avoid injuries and related lifelong ailments to its employees.

Other known safety hazards are as simple as the absence of wet caution signs, the location of the fire extinguishers or even the cluttered ‘exit’ doors which all pose serious health risks in the working environment. We help companies identify and manage health and safety risks, systematically prioritise and address risks as well as implement the agreed upon safety plans. We conduct a multitude of legal compliance audits which comprise of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 45001 in order to ensure compliance.

III. Safety Documentations

In light of the changes to Construction Regulations, many contractors often struggle with complying with the management of Health and Safety across all construction phases. We ensure compliance for Occupational Health and Safety from the project initiation phase through to the project close out of every project carried out by our clients. We assist the client to be compliant in terms of appointments, registers and related documentation.

IV. Offering Health & Safety Advisory Services

We develop and advise on all aspects of your Safety Policy in conjunction with the client to meet your statutory requirements and business needs.

V. Trainings

“Safety does not happen by accident, it is planned.” We offer training in the following fields:

– First Aid Training (Level 1,2,3)

– Fire Training

– Health & Safety Representative

– Forklift Training

– Accident Investigation Training

– Dangerous goods training

– General Safety Induction

– ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 45001 Compliance Assistance

– Risk Assessment training

– Scaffolding Training

– Ladder Safety Course

– HIV/Aids Training

– Flagman Training

– Emergency Training

VI. Recruitment & Placement of Health & Safety Officers

We recruit and place qualified, experienced and registered Health and Safety Officers. This service is particularly targeted at contractors in the construction sites, manufacturing and all sectors where such services are required. These officers are placed to meet client specific needs on a short, medium or long term basis.


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